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a trusted tasmanian brand for over 150 years!

a trusted tasmanian brand for over 150 years
It stands to reason that the real estate agency with the most listings consequently has access to the most buyers. That agency will have a greater likelihood of finding the buyer whose needs match your property.

well-trained and experienced consultants
Our consultants are highly trained, know the market, and have the tools, understanding and commitment required to sell your property at the best possible price.

what to expect from us
We’ll provide a current market report including the value of your property. It should show what kind of market is operating in your area and the average selling time. It is important to know this as different markets require different strategies. Your consultant should provide comparable sales so you can understand how the market value of your property was calculated and assist you in making correct pricing decisions.

comprehensive planning
We’ll provide a comprehensive marketing plan showing the recommended selling method, suggested marketing options and a clear indication of the elements for which the agent will take responsibility. This will also include ways to improve saleability and ideas to make your property more attractive and increase value.

integrity and openness
Our consultants offer a transparent breakdown of selling fees and any marketing investment involved in selling your home. A lower commission rate is of no value if the marketing plan won’t achieve the desired result. Even a well-planned marketing plan is doomed to failure if the price has been set incorrectly.

selling with us
If you have sold before you would know the importance of marketing and presentation, making your property stand out in the crowd. Our consultants, communication and negotiation skills save you a lot of stress while obtaining the best price from a potential purchaser. You know our consultants are well trained and proven to assist you in the sale of your property.